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 Test Subject Applications [Lupa]

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PostSubject: Test Subject Applications [Lupa]   Test Subject Applications [Lupa] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2015 10:27 am

Test Subject Applications [Lupa] Tumblr_nmnw3yyhis1rc44lao1_250

Name: Kestral “Kes” Oran Matthews
District: 8
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: Loom Maintenance Worker
Wealth Status: Poor
Parents: Connie Matthews (deceased) & Everett Matthews (36)
Siblings: Austin (13), Caitlynn (10),  Sierra (10)
Pets: None
Kes’s mother died ten years ago, when his twin sisters were born, leaving his father to care for four children on his own.  The first year, times weren’t too hard - the government had given them a small compensation for Connie’s death, so Everett could afford to have some time at home.  But soon enough, the four children just got hungrier and hungrier, and Everett worked more and more, leaving the kids alone at home.  Kestral, the oldest, had to take care of his siblings, despite being just a child himself.  At school, he never let himself make friends, because he had to focus on his siblings’ well being - he didn’t have time for anyone else.
Once  Austin was old enough to watch Cait and Sierra, Kes started working in the factories.  Because of his small build, he was put on maintenance - his hands were small and agile enough to fit into the smallest places, and adjust things on the machines that others couldn’t.  About a year ago, Kes dropped out of school completely, and started working full time.  It’s actually given him more time to be social - whatever that means.
Personality: Family comes first for Kes, as it always has.  Family comes before school, before friends, before anything and everything.  He tends to avoid social interactions, and often comes off as too serious, or even rude to his peers, when he does find himself with a group of people.  It’s not his fault, he just never learned how to talk to people his own age.  
Around his siblings, it’s different.  They’re younger - he knows how to joke with them, make them laugh when they’re all worried about the father who should’ve been home hours ago.  But those interactions aren’t necessarily helpful when you’re trying to make friends.  And that’s all Kes ever got.  
Talents: Kes has found that he’s generally a good cook, an okayish writer, and he’s very nimble, especially in his hands.
Flaws: As small as he is, Kes definitely isn’t as strong as most of the boys his age are, and he’s generally pretty socially inept.
Other: FC is Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Test Subject Applications [Lupa] Tumblr_mmcuzhQZGg1rbw50xo4_250

Name: Rune Falkenrath
District: 2
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Weapons Manufacturing
Wealth Status: Middle Class
Father: Mitchell Falkenrath (43), Peacekeeper
Mother: Sarah Falkenrath (39), Weapons Manufacturer
Pets: Nope
History: At one point, Rune had a normal life - her dad was a peacekeeper, her mother worked in the weapons factory.  They had money, respect, but they weren’t too far above the other citizens of Two.  Then the war came, and the Capitol demanded more from Two.  More weapons, more peacekeepers, more, more, more.
Rune went to work in the factory, alongside her mother, while her father went off to battle. That’s when everything went wrong.  
It was a normal day at the factory, making ammunition - Rune liked to think she was making the bullets specifically for her father.  It kept her mind off of all the other thoughts in her head.  The machine jammed, or overheated, or something - she doesn’t exactly remember what.  All she remembers was a flash, and her ears were ringing, and her eyes hurt like hell.  
People died, but Rune was lucky.  Her mother wasn’t hurt at all, and Rune herself just… couldn’t see.  Her vision eventually came back, but only in her left eye.  Her right still can’t see a damn thing, even after three years.
Personality: Rune has had to be tough, even before her injury.  That happens when your dad is basically the law enforcement for an oppressive government. So, she’s pretty thick-skinned, not much can be said that’ll really get to her.  
But, what is that except a shell?
She doesn’t let many people get close to her.  So, when someone finally does break through her shell, they’re usually surprised to find the quirky girl that lies beneath.  Her sense of humor is usually cruel, yet she’s not hesitant to stand up for someone who’s being attacked - often, she’s the first to help out a stranger.  And she has a strange love for snakes and lizards, though not much love for the normal, fluffy things like dogs or hamsters.  
Talents: Once, she was a talented marksmen - her father showed her how to shoot a gun in secret.  Then she lost sight in one eye, and her depth perception went to crap; she can still aim through a scope, but she can’t adjust well to distance anymore.  Now, her talents lie mostly in trivial things.  Rune is an excellent songwriter, but she can’t sing a note; usually, she just lets her mom sing her songs for her.  She’s also got a knack for making bullets - that’s why she still works in the factory, even after she was injured there.  But, there is one important talent that her father has helped her gain - hand to hand combat.  Unable to really attack from afar now, her father stressed the importance of defending herself up close; she’s learned to work around her blind spot, mostly, and fight back against much stronger, less handicapped foes.
Flaws: Physically, Rune has one major flaw - she’s blind in one eye.  This, obviously, gives her a major blind spot, and severely altered depth perception.  She’s also very slow to trust people, making her social circle very small.    
Other: Fc is Chloe Grace Moretz
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They are both accepted! wooo
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Test Subject Applications [Lupa]
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