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The Hunger Games

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 Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow (Important*)

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PostSubject: Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow (Important*)   Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow (Important*) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2015 2:37 pm

Hello Panem!

We give our condolences to the families out there who have lost loved ones. We can not bring them back and we can't undo what has happened to our nation. We can, however move forward to being a stronger nation as a whole.  In order to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, we must place a punishment.

We regret to inform you all, that our means of prevention is called, "The Hunger Games." This will happen once a year, where one girl and one boy will be randomly selected on a reaping day for the Hunger games. On each reaping day, your children ages twelve to eighteen will be reminded why such a day happens. We bring more news to you later of our decision and when the first Hunger Games will take place.

It may seem like a far stretch, but we believe this will slowly turn us into a stronger nation. Panem today, Panem tomorrow.

-The Capitol.
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Panem Today, Panem Tomorrow (Important*)
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