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 Tree Inspectors..

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PostSubject: Tree Inspectors..   Tree Inspectors.. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 9:08 am

CJ Verno

Cole was in the forests, trying to figure out how climbing trees worked. He wasn't really taught how to, so it was difficult. The boy tried jumping up onto the lowest branch and move on from there, but he fell. He tried hugging the tree with his arms, boosting up with his legs, but CJ didn't like that feeling are the bark scratching his arms. CJ was stumped (get it, stumped like a tree stump Razz) on how to get up it. There could be some nice fruits higher up, at extremely high heights. Fruits that he could be able to keep in his little shack home. He was popping in and out of his Foster home, but nobody probably realized he ever left. CJ considered bringing DJ with him to his little shack, so it could just be with his brother. Cole leaned up on the tree, only to see a shadow walking towards. What if it was an official tree checker who would send CJ to jail if they saw him near the shack? He didn't want to find out, so he hid behind a bigger tree, hoping he/she didn't see him.

coded by Kellisabell<3

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Tree Inspectors..
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