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The Hunger Games

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 9. Rules of the Games.

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PostSubject: 9. Rules of the Games.    9. Rules of the Games.  Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 8:12 pm

9. Rules of the Games.  Hqdefault

1. The games will begin when the Gamemaker starts it. The gamemaker will post the date and the time in their timezone. If you ask, they will try and convert the time for you!
2. To Roleplay in the games there will be turn order. Each tribute in the topic will post once and then the GM will post in response on the surroundings. Only time this isn’t in effect is in the blood bath.
3. If you want to look for things such as herbs, food, and water, you will have to state in your post looking around for it. Whether you find it or not is up to the GM.
4. Even though you could go days without food I will say you need to drink at least once and eat at least once a day. Otherwise the GM will take -10 off your hp bar.
5. You can block the oppositions attack and do another attack in one turn if you wish. You can not roll more than two dice in one turn.
6.There is no in character suicides. If you will be gone for more than three days at a time during the games period your tribute will be inactively killed Whether you provide info of such beforehand or not. (The games must go on.)
7. Get creative with your posts and describe the surroundings, and when you try to find something describe things around you more! The gamemaker will be more in favour of you.
8. Play up some angles if you want sponsor gifts!
9. May the odds be ever in your favour.
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9. Rules of the Games.
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