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A Mostly Average Day

>>>I sat in the basement-- my little cave, where almost no one goes. I was so lonely; just sitting at the computer all day. I felt as if I had no friends. I felt as if I had no life. I randomly spun around in my soft, gray spinning chair, covered in rips and tears, while waiting for a web page to load. Sighing, I realized how hungry I was. I stood up from the soft chair, and thumped up the dusty wooden basement stairs.

>>>I admit it. I had friends; I had a life. My friends and I have just been growing apart, and I’ve felt as lonely as ever. I had hopes and dreams, too. I had things I like to do. I love riding on roller coasters, and reading books. I had a large group of friends in my neighborhood, and a variety of others in my school. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was older. When someone says I have no life, I just nod in agreement. Why did I think I’m lifeless? I have no life, socially, but I was alive. So I guess I had a life.

>>>Once I opened the creaky door leading to the kitchen, I walked across the pearly white floor; over to my closet. I swung open the door, to see a large assortment of old foods, cereal, napkins, snacks, and a lot of other things that really didn’t fit that well. I bent down to grab into the snack basket, looking for my favorite-- Sour Cream & Onion Pringles. Once I found the tall container, I sighed with frustration. Nearly half of it was empty. Jake was eating them again, obviously.

>>>Walking away from the kitchen with the remains of my beloved chips, I caught a glimpse of something out the window. Maybe I was crazy, but I saw a girl standing on the pond. Right on top the shallow pond in my backyard. I didn’t have a clear view, but I could see how when she walked across the lake, ripples formed. This couldn’t have been an illusion. Spooked, I tore my eyes away from the outdoors, and dashed back to the computer in the dark, cold basement.

>>>Another day well spent. Not. I was just playing on Addicting Games, and browsing through different forums. Nothing interesting done that day. Groggily, I climbed up to the top floor of my home. My house was a typical 2 story house, in a typical neighborhood, in a typical town. There’s nothing special at where I live, my life, or anything. I’m not a boring person, I just feel, I don’t know, underrated? I mentally laughed. No; a better word would describe me.

>>>I curled under my layers of blankets in my bed. Although it was a winter night, I felt so warm. Actually, I got that chilled feeling like someone was watching me, but it was obviously my imagination. It was probably just some side effect of my ADHD. I didn’t tell you I was ADHD and dyslexic. Aren’t I lucky?

>>>Feeling like someone was watching me again; I put my head under my blankets, and shut my eyes tightly. Tonight is probably one of those nights where I won’t be asleep until midnight. Groaning I flipped onto the other side of my bed.

>>>I don’t know how to describe the icy fear that flowed through my veins. The thing I saw was like a lady, with slimy green scales, and claws. It was like a dracaenae escaped my Percy Jackson book collection, and I knew I would die. Did I tell you I was a Percy Jackson fan? Oh, I love reading. I also love the Hung—no time for that. I was going to die for sure. It was too late; it noticed me staring at it wide eyed. It lunged at me, and took me away. I don’t know. I felt like I was dreaming. I could hear thumps, and running, and things breaking. Was I still inside? Soon enough, the last consciousness I was able to grasp faded away.

Chapter 1
Welcome to Camp

>>>When I woke up, I was in bed. I was so relieved, for my crazy experience the previous night was just a dream. Groggily, I opened my eyes, to get dressed and ready for schools. I'm not a Monday person.

>>>I nearly fell out of the bed, or whatever I was on, the second my eyes opened. I wasn't resting in my cozy loft bed, I was in a building. There were others around me. People lying on cheap looking beds, and others trying to help them out. Where was I; was this some sort of hospital? I wouldn't know, I've never been to a hospital. Excluding when I was born.

>>>What's going on? Should I announce that I'm awake? I didn't really have the guts to say anything, so I awkwardly sat up. As I did this, I could feel a stinging pain on my shoulder. A little scared, and a lot nervous, I looked over to my left shoulder. I saw bandages covering my shoulder. What had happened? Did the dracaenae-like creature do this? I moaned in pain, but instantly shut up because I really wasn't looking for attention.

>>>Sure enough, attention was just what I got. Some guy, who was tending to someone with a cast wrapped around her leg, made eye contact with me. Embarrassed, I looked away, but I could hear the sound of the guy walking over to me. Unsurely, I looked up. He looked a few years older, with bright blond hair, that looked almost yellow like the sun. He had blue eyes, and wore a smile on his face.

>>>Looking at girl, who was probably around my age, he said, "The new camper's awake!"

>>>'New camper'? I never signed up for camp. What if this was Camp Half-Blood, like in the books? That would be awesome. I thought it over, and started to panic. That would not be awesome. Then that was a dracaenae that tried to murder me, and I'm a demigod. A half-blood. My mom or dad is a god. I could just imagine other monsters from Rick Riordan's books, killing me without hesitation. Okay, it would be a little cool, but a lot scary.

>>>Then who would my parent be? A daughter of Athena, for sure! I loved math, science, and other things that could make me labeled as 'smart'. I could just imagine some camper walking over to me, and giving me some ambrosia or nectar to help heal my shoulder! I grinned to myself.

>>>I was snapped back to reality when the blond kid walked over, with the younger black hair and navy blue eyed girl. I knew Riordan's books were fiction. This isn't Camp Half-Blood, I'm probably in some hospital. In fact, a concussion probably triggered the dream. That couldn't be true, though; my head didn't hurt.

>>>It was so awkward how the 2 older kids stared at me. Observed me. Analyzed me. Like what I would imagine a child of Athena doing. It was pretty awkward, so I forced myself to speak up.

>>>Unsurely, I asked, "What happened?

>>>They quickly glanced at each other, and the blond haired one said, "Long story short-- You were attacked, so Rebbecca here saved you. I dunno exactly what happened, asked Becca about that"

>>>Attacked? By the dracaenae? Could this all be true? It felt so impossible; so absurd. My favorite stories were coming to life, and possibly ruining my life. I glanced over at the Rebbecca, waiting for her to tell me the whole story.

>>>Nodding, she smiled and said, "A dracaenae; you were attacked by a dracaenae," My suspicions were correct, "When I found you, you were unconscious,and bleeding a bit, and it looked like the monster was 'bout to kill you," I must have been a demigod. This was a lot to take in, "So I killed the dracaenae. Well not killed 'cause they'll come ba--" I nodded again. I knew that, being the Percy Jackson addict I was. A bit annoyed by the interruption, she continued, "So I took you to camp."

>>>I was filled with questions. How did she know where I was? How did she know I was being attacked? How did she get me to camp? I was unsure of what to say first, so Rebbecca filled the silence, "Rebbecca Layne. Daughter of Hades," She reached her hand out, so I shook it, sending a pain up my shoulder.

>>>Awkwardly, I started with, "How... did you know I was being attacked?" I asked, in my soft voice.

>>>She laughed, "I live 2 houses away from you Kali," she said. "It wasn't hard to notice all that racket, so I thought I'd check it out.

[ * C H A P T E R* 1 * I S * I N C O M P L E T E * ]

So, uh, is it any good so far?
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May the odds, be ever in your favor.

Possible Tributes:
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