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 Intros? Well ok, if you insist....

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Intros? Well ok, if you insist.... Left_bar_bleue150/150Intros? Well ok, if you insist.... Empty_bar_bleue  (150/150)
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Intros? Well ok, if you insist.... Empty
PostSubject: Intros? Well ok, if you insist....   Intros? Well ok, if you insist.... Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2015 3:12 am

Hiya! My name is Ariiyoko or you can call me Ari for short since that is more of a nickname for my actual name anyways. I'm actually an older member from before the reboot and even a retired staff member and admin so its nice to see some new faces and even old faces that I still remember! I'm a 25 year old artist, novice HTML designer, actor and retail store manager that is currently attending classes at my local college and performing and helping out with theater productions there as I pursue getting a degree in you guessed it, Acting! I did go a little MIA for a bit during the summer but that is because the work I do is seasonal and very busy during summer time, and unfortunately I have to act like a well adjusted and responsible adult on occasion, lol. I also recently got engaged and will be getting married sometime in October of 2016. And Lindsay Jones is my spirit animal, she is fantastic and amazing.

Anyways, that's really enough about me! I'm here to help if you have any questions about anything like HTML coding for templates or using Photoshop and of course Sor if you need any help with the reboot let me know, I'd be happy to help out. Hope to see everyone around and if you see me on chat feel free to say 'Hi!' because I swear I don't bite....much Wink
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Intros? Well ok, if you insist....
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