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PostSubject: Never lup. Never.   Never lup. Never. Icon_minitimeTue Dec 08, 2015 12:42 pm

Never lup. Never. 89HANHg

Heyo there guys, I'm Shantel, or Chii here! I floated my way in here maybe 3/4 years ago and stuck around, can't seem to shake off all the lovely people and forum here c: But hey, I'll be around to try and help with the revamp however I can, Sor I am at your service. So! I remember being on these forums at 16 thinking I was going through the hardest finals of my life, oh how naive and wrong I was. I just finished my final year project a while ago and I'm interning at a production house making fun tv shows and stuff so that's cool, but that just means I now have to be a functioning adult booo.

Nothing else has really changed about me for all you familiar faces I see you there, maybe a new respect for crude jokes, but for new people, let me love you! :'D I like to have a camera and point and shoot at things. I have unconditional love to give and I live for trying to make myself and maybe other people feel sad about charries dying. Dying? I mean living a happy life. Right.

Let the reset begin, once I stop procrastinating over clearing my signature of old pains and torture.

Time to get my feels game back on. hee. 8')
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