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Name: Quintavius Alexander Worthy
District: 1
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: Career Student
Wealth Status: upper class
Mr. Worthy -- Father -- 43
Mrs. Worthy -- Step Mother -- 38
Alexandra Worthy -- Sister -- 18
Pets: --

Quintavius Alexander Worthy was born on May 8th. He was brought back to a happy home. He was a healthy baby, bright, smiley, goofy as could ever be. When he was little he loved going to the park where his mother would take him, and she would push him on the swing set. Kiss him on the forehead. She also nicknamed him 'Quin'. When Quin was 8 years old, he realized that his parents were slowly becoming distant from one another. At 10 he saw his father bring another woman home. The night after he heard his parents fighting.. His father hit his mother. Hard. Being that brave 10 year old boy, he banged on the door, only to hear his mother weeping from behind. That day he vowed never to love his father again. When he was 11 his parents officially divorced. The two ultimately decided that the father would care for Quin and his sister, who is 2 years older than he is. In school, Quin had a few issues with people. His household drama caused him to shut people out. Not trust them. It's hard for him to. Eventually he made firends, and uses music and writing to show his feelings of hurt and pain.


Quintavius is very peaceful as a whole. He very much doesn't care of what people think of him, and they know it. A very independent man, Quin has made himself very alienated. He doesn't see it as a bad thing because it gives him time to focus on himself. Especially with the possibility of being reaped into a treacherous Games, you need to learn how to function on your own, because it is most likely to happen. Quin has very few friends. He has a group of people that he has bonded with, because they have gained his trust. Quin doesn't take lying lightly. He feels as if so, he tells you everything, you need to do the same in return.

Talents: composition (music) , singing, fast runner
Flaws: antisocial, trust issues
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Quin is accepted! (Sorry on phone in class)
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