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The Hunger Games

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 10. Game Strategies & Misc.

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PostSubject: 10. Game Strategies & Misc.    10. Game Strategies & Misc.  Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 8:22 pm

10. Game Strategies & Misc.  Hqdefault

First things first, this will likely be updated all the time! So do not fear!
Game strategies:

  • Hide. Hiding can be somewhat easy on our forum. You can have your tribute go on their own to an unpopulated area. You can stay and try to be out of everyone’s way until you need to be, unless they come find you. Some people have successfully done this.
  • Play Favourite to the Capitol. This one is more so pleasing the gamemaker. If you can entertain the gamemaker and “Capitol” then it should be easier for you to find things. (Hopefully.)
  • Be like a career or be a career. With this you basically just want to throw your character into fights and hope that they win. Say someone grabs something you want from the Cornucopia, kill them for it. Don’t show mercy and be the brute you can be.

There is obviously more strategies out there but really just try and figure them out in the games! It will make it more exciting to go through! If you participate with many games I suggest trying out new strategies and angles to make it interesting!
Like I said if I think of more things I will add them here when I can. If you have any questions at all you can find the question topic which will be linked here.
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10. Game Strategies & Misc.
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