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 1. Fighting Perks

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PostSubject: 1. Fighting Perks   1. Fighting Perks Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 1:38 pm

1. Fighting Perks Hqdefault

The way the perks work, is you can pick one of the many perks for your character to have. You can not pick more than one, and if your tribute is seen using more than one, your tribute will be disqualified. Without further ado here are the perks you can choose from.

  • Strong hits: You may not hit frequently but when you do hit, your attacks will be stronger. Typically someone who wields short range weapons would be able to achieve this. Ex: Swords, axes, hammers, tridents, etc.
  • Frequent hits: With this one you are more likely to hit than miss when you target someone. Your attacks aren’t as strong though. Any weapon works well for this.
  • Frequent blocks: This is the only block perk. This will give you more chances to block someones attack rather than the 50/50 chance everyone else gets.
  • Stronger healing: They are limited in supplies and it can be difficult to find natural resources for healing, but when they do find them they make strong heals.
  • Accurate healing: These healers know quite a bit about healing, and they may find natural resources for healing a lot faster than those with stronger healing. They don’t have strong heals, however they are more likely to heal successfully.
  • Critical hits: This is one of the more special perks and will only be accepted as a perk if the approver truly feels like the tribute would possess the perk. Critical hit perk is the normal attack die with the added side of a stronger hit that does take a toll on the Hp bar.

So choose wisely and may the odds be ever in your favour!
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1. Fighting Perks
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