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 Introducing Me!

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PostSubject: Introducing Me!   Introducing Me! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 12:58 pm

Okay so I know the title seems a bit showy and makes me seem like I'm all that, but I really am not.

I am a older member, I was around to aid in the first revamp. Now here we are at the second revamp but this time it is also a reboot! Depending on when you used to know me, I was kind of a bitch. There was n light way to put it. I am back to my old self in terms of being an admin much more. Willing to help out with anything, friendly, kind and what have you!

For terms of my personal life, because why not share it. I am eighteen as my account indicates, I am a first year university student (that'll be ending soon... heh.) I thought school was for me, and it really isn't! So goooooo team! I have been taken for a solid three years by a pain in my arse (love you) He might come back around on the site, who knows. Also for a random fun fact, I am bisexual. Ayoo. But yea, I suck at virtually everything, so I really am not that special!

Please to meet the rest of you!
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Introducing Me!
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