The Hunger Games
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The Hunger Games

Welcome to Panem! We are a role playing forum that is starting from the first games.
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PostSubject: --Updates--   --Updates-- Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 4:42 pm

Here is a list of a few things added recently:

-You can now color topics. On the top right when you create a topic, you'll see "None (use implicit)." There, you can choose a color. In addition, you can add a little description to your topic.

-This section right here, News and Updates, I just added.

Not much, is it? At the moment, the admins haven't decided anything regarding the games, except that it will be the game after the Quarter Quell. Also, you may see news regarding the games in the admin discussion.
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Panda King
Panda King

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Character sheet
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Character Name:: Brook Shields
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PostSubject: Re: --Updates--   --Updates-- Icon_minitimeThu Feb 10, 2011 4:48 pm

Hehe I actually prevented viewing of the Admin Place, But for today I'll open it again

May the odds, be ever in your favor.

Possible Tributes:
Abbey Doucett, District 7
Star Vance, District 1

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