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 Katya is Flipping Out

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Katya is Flipping Out Empty
PostSubject: Katya is Flipping Out   Katya is Flipping Out Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 1:37 pm

Katya is Flipping Out Kat

Back off, I'll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
Headstrong, we're headstrong

The words echoed through Katya's head. It took her a few minutes t process the information, which was rare. Katya was used to making snap decisions, thinking quickly. She was also used to anger. This new mindset was foreign. It confused her. She didn't like being confused, but somehow, it didn't matter. What is this weird thing that's happening? Katya wondered. Holy sh- um, shilling... this is happiness, isn't it? Damn. It's been a while. Katya grinned. She grabbed a drink of some sort from a tray, not caring what is was, and poured it down her throat. Her eyes flashed. She marched up to someone who had refused to sponsor Rhea and punched him in the face. "OH, HELL YES!" she screamed, throwing the glass she had to the floor and enjoying the sound it made when it shattered. Katya grabbed the nearest human being of a reasonable age and kissed him, then tossed him to the side. "This is happening right now, isn't it?" she mused, taking another drink and gulping it down. She let out a stream of curse words, the gist of them basically 'that's right, rhea beat you and your stupid games,' only a lot more... colorful. Katya danced around a bit, screaming with excitement. This was the first time her tribute had won the Games. It was a big moment for her. "For any future tributes, this is what happens when you actually LISTEN to my ADVICE! NOW YOU GET TO LISTEN TO HERS! YEAH! BECAUSE MY TRIBUTE IS A FREAKING WINNER!" Katya cast her arm into a person holding a tray of drinks, unbalancing them and sending the tray crashing to the floor. Glass spewed everywhere. (Heh. Glass. xD No pun intended, though. Razz) Katya screamed again, stomped out the door, and, a gleeful rage overflowing from her head, slammed it behind her.

That's how you play,
I guess you get through
Every night, well, now that's over...
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Katya is Flipping Out
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