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 Regarding the Capitol

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PostSubject: Regarding the Capitol   Regarding the Capitol Icon_minitimeSun Mar 06, 2011 10:17 pm

The trains pull into the station almost simultaneously the 'bullet' trains were fast thats for sure, at any rate the tributes had arrived and transportation to their living quarters was awaiting.

Everyone is required to leave the train and travel to the 'Tribute Towers' your mentors will not be needed again until right before training where strategizing is allowed. The Train is now locked and will remain so throughout the remainder, Please continue Roleplaying in the tower!

Traveling between floors to meet other tributes IS allowed. ONLY to a District that is one higher or one lower.

Ex, A District 5 can meet a District Four or Six but not a Three or Seven

May the odds, be ever in your favor.

Possible Tributes:
Abbey Doucett, District 7
Star Vance, District 1

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Regarding the Capitol
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